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California Condors
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2017 Schedule - Fall Session
(September 16 - December 30)

Players must wear complete protective gear, including a hockey helmet with cage. We are able to loan equipment.
Players must also obtain ASHA (free) registration once per year, which is available on our 
registration page.

Please NOTE: Thanks to the generosity of the Wayne Gretzky foundation and L.A.Kings, we are able to keep our fee to under $10 a session, when the full season is paid for, up front. For the 11 scheduled practices this season, the fee will be $110, paid on  Jan 06, 2018. If you prefer to pay as you go, the fee will be $15 per session. If you will be attending 7 or more of the 11 sessions, it is best to pay the $110 up front fee.
03/03 Practice OLY Rink

03/10 Practice OLY Rink 

03/17 Practice OLY Rink

03/24 Practice OLY Rink 
02/03 Practice OLY Rink

02/10 Fire on Ice

02/17 Practice OLY Rink

02/24 Practice OLY Rink
01/06 Practice OLY Rink

01/13 Practice OLY Rink

01/20 Practice OLY Rink

01/27 Practice OLY Rink 

​All practices are on Saturday
Afternoons, at 2:30 - 3:30 PM
03/31 NO Practice

04/07 No Practice